Galatians 5:22 WE cannot gain wholesomeness of soulIn one short day or year;We cannot claim to be made wholeFrom simple words that we hear.But God's love is laboring within us every hour.Through our surrender, He can bringThe fruit that we desire: A yielded soul, A reverent heart, A listening ear, A shaky start. A mind … Continue reading Transformation

You Are

You are the light in my darkness,The peace in my chaos.You are my hope in the endlessness,The ever-present God of Light. You are the calm in my life storms,The gift in my emptiness.You are the answers to my questions,The ever-knowing Sagacious One. You are the compassion in my neediness, The comfort in my loneliness.You are the … Continue reading You Are

Bubble Hunting

Children laughing, jumping, running;Hands outstretched in sweet delightCatching worlds of rainbow light…Smiling, giggling, glad. Tiny iridescent orbs…See them floating on the air;Lighting upon the flowers there…Shining globes of light Oh, the joy of little pleasures;Nothing fancy, but so right.Simple things that please at sight,That fill hearts with joy. Give us days of silent knowing;Finding joy … Continue reading Bubble Hunting

I Can Trust In You

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! (Read Romans 11: 33-36) I CAN TRUST IN YOU Oh, the deep riches of your wisdom, God,And the comfort of following you!            When life is long and I feel weary,            When I … Continue reading I Can Trust In You

The Old Guitar

The old guitar sits in the corner of the room,The blonde face of streaked wood grain still shines,The strings are slack; a broken one rebels. I remember the beautiful music it played in the master's hands...Strains of Spanish music, would dance through the air;Beethoven works marched, Mozart's pieces tripped gaily;Gospel preached, and country twanged. My … Continue reading The Old Guitar

Shout, Rocks!

Shout, rocks, for our King is coming!Cry out, Earth, for He is the Lord.Roar, oceans, God reigns in mercyAnd He is sovereign forevermore! Praise the Lord, all nations sing praises!He is King and always will be.Lift your voices; shout to the heavens,"Our King reigns in majesty!" Kneel in awe, our God stands before us!Think of … Continue reading Shout, Rocks!

Earthly Photographs

Rock granitesolidWeathered throughout timeSubstance to climb onBeauty to beholdMountainous mass of substancePositioned by God Earth’s towering mineral garden Sand, siltsifting throughout lifeproviding food for living thingscarried with the walk of lifeAlways giving, movingEarth beneath my feet Water clearglistening fluid crowdConvening into cornersRushing off to larger fieldsSustenance in motionTeeming with life Sky abovevast expanse of softnessBluing, cotton … Continue reading Earthly Photographs