Don’t Follow

Don't follow the cravings of your heart,The desires of life…Chasing hints of sun on the water,  Washing away from the Father's love.   Don't follow ambition, and selfish desire,But give all your heart to the Lord,       Yes, give all your heart to the Lord. Don't follow the cravings of your heart,The desires of life…Chasing fireflies into the dark night, … Continue reading Don’t Follow

Already There

My heart is already there,It reaches up for heaven with my longing soul;My heart is already there,Residing in my Father’s heavenly home. I'm yearning to find Jesus,To hold him close to me,To relish His strong mercy,A welcome place to stand.Friends sometimes abandon me,But He is always near.I yearning to find Jesus...To be home. My heart … Continue reading Already There

O Lord, I Turn To You

Plans and goals have gone astray; The world is askew on this dismal day.People are grumbling, feeling betrayed,   And then I turn to You.    You are the Refuge when the world assails;You are my Rock when I’m feeling frail;  You are my Peace when I am afraid;You are my Comfort on a dismal day.  O … Continue reading O Lord, I Turn To You


Your words,Like rain on parched desert,Refresh.They nourish the tender plants towards growth;They shower the dirt from theLush green grass.They shine like droplets of dew in the morning sunEnlightening my world,Delighting my heart. Your words are life to me, Oh, Lord.And as I drink them inI will grow strongAs a tree beside a quiet stream;I will … Continue reading Dew

Delicate Child

Delicate childChild who I lovePlaying contentedlyIn our back yardFather, watchesAnd holds you tenderlyIn His sheltering arms. Delicate personIn fantasy worlds Traveling so patientlyAs stories unfurlBeneath those golden curls.Father will keep you today. Sharon L Shoemaker. Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Taste and See

Taste and see that the Lord is goodFor His mercies endure forever.He brings the rain that grows our food;His love will never end.Our families, our friends, our homes;This majestic world in which we roam;The little blessings that daily come,His mercies will never end. Taste and see that the Lord is goodFor His mercies endure forever.Quiet … Continue reading Taste and See


The vitriol, the political slurs, the riots, the questioned election, a man harassed and demeaned, and a protest gone wrong. These all have concerned me. They have grieved me. If we don't all pull together, we will take each other down. It is time to LOVE... to think the best of others - yes, even … Continue reading Aspiration

A New Start – Feeding Sheep

A lost woman remorsefully examines her life Wishing she could be like the One she has just met.           It is hopeless. Swollen eyes are filled with sorrow; tears surge down her cheeks...The years that led her to this play before her.He would not have her now.          "If I had known Him earlier,” she says,"I … Continue reading A New Start – Feeding Sheep

Sing Praises

Sing praises to our God and king,The great redeemer Yahweh.Sing praises, all the daylong sing,The praising never ceasing.Sing praises when the heart would faint;Sing praises when the grief is spent;Sing praises when the joy must vent;Sing praises to the King. Sing praises to our God and King,The ever-living Portion.Sing praises with your whole heart sing,Your … Continue reading Sing Praises

What a Wonderful Gift was Given

What a wonderful gift came to BethlehemOn a star-studded eve met by angels in flight As shepherds gawked at the glorious sight! What a wonderful gift was given! There was mercy for sinners, hope for the lost.There was peace for the restless… calm for the storm-tossedIn the form of a baby in a hay-strewn loft,When this wonderful … Continue reading What a Wonderful Gift was Given