Head On Collision

I was looking for love and You found meI came running to Your armsAnd You wrapped Your love 'round meYou held me in Your strong, strong arms The child without a dadAnd You loved meOh, You loved me my God. It was a head on collisionI ran to You; You took me inIt was a head … Continue reading Head On Collision

Heavenly Anthem

Choir Singing Father heavenly up on Your throne       Watching your children with love                          Twinkling eyes and crinkly eyelids                Guarding our every step          Loving Father holds us in mercy                   Sees our tears, turns to our criesWe will praise YouWe will bless YouFor we’re children of Your love  Alleluia we are singingSongs of praise we raise to … Continue reading Heavenly Anthem

You Are a Wonderful God

You are a wonderful God, Lover of my soulYou are a patient Father working to make me wholeYou are a worthy Sacrifice redeeming me from sinYou are a wonderful God, oh Lover of my soul. When I am lonely, I join Your haven of prayer When I am frightened, You keep me from despairWhen I am … Continue reading You Are a Wonderful God

Can We Live in a World…

Can we live in a world where love conquers fear?Where understanding relieves pain;Where graciousness reigns?I don’t want to live for you;I don’t want to think the same.If I walk a different pathway, Though in Christ I remain,If I live my true self always,Will you love me still the same?Will you understand the thought that your … Continue reading Can We Live in a World…

Let Your Light Shine

The light of prayer Let Your light shine in the darkness            In my heart, Lord, In my heartLet Your peace reign in the chaos            In my life, Lord, in my lifeLet Your Spirit shine around me            Revealing all things to my soulLet Your light shine in the darkness            Of my searching, reaching soulLet Your light … Continue reading Let Your Light Shine

The Last Rose of Summer

Pink Rose Pale pink flower peeking out from the green bushTenacious, for something so fragileMy husband plucks the bloomOffers it to meA testament to tenacious loveThat perseveres, though we are fragile beingsFaith, hope, and fortitude (c) 2021 Sharon L. Shoemaker. All Rights Reserved. This Photo by Unknown Author...licensed under CC BY

Unwanted No More

Woman sitting alone Condemned?Without hope?Looking for more? I want you to knowYou are loved.Hold on to the words that I say.Repeat words of rejection no more, Condemned?Unwanted?Walking alone?Give your burdens to Me.I am your Father,You are my own…Refused and rejected no more.You’re accused and unwanted no more. (c) 1989 by Sharon L Shoemaker.  All Rights Reserved. … Continue reading Unwanted No More

I Was

I was lost          in a mire of neglectedness;I was drowning in the hopelessness          of life.You told me that there really          was no reasonTo hope for something better,          To look for any light.Then Love broke through the emptiness!          It reached for me;                   It touched my life…And I can see the death clouds lifting.I know that you … Continue reading I Was

He Was a Simple Man, Really (James)

He was a simple man, really,He read His Book,Worshiped His GodPreached his sermons on Sunday morning...Lived them all week long. His face was plain.There was a simplicity about the oversized nose...Undersized mouth,Lightly lashed eyesThat stared dully at the world...But he read his Bible and practiced what it said.He impacted his world. I don't really know … Continue reading He Was a Simple Man, Really (James)

EULOGY- Tornado

The winds swept through our town          Bending trees--                             Their heads, like women with hair in faces-                  Breaking them like toothpicks.          detached roots...                             were lifted fromgaping holes.Like teeth pulled from sockets,They greet us. Houses, once ordered          Lay strewn across our lawns,Twisted plumbing                   Tubs askew          Sinks turned upside downEternally draining. Our tears flow, too,          As we survey … Continue reading EULOGY- Tornado