TWO KINDS  There are two kinds of quietness... The quiet of contentment And the quiet of loss. (c) 2008 Sharon L Shoemaker  All rights reserved. I STOOD IN SILENCE  I stood in silence before their condemnation. I could not stand, for they assaulted me. I was the strange one and they, the loved and wanted. … Continue reading Quiet…



LOTUS Delicate white Perfumed lotus Gracing life For short lived time You bring beauty Into this solemn world Then fade away as the sun melts Your life Away   (c) 2009 Sharon L. Shoemaker All rights reserved


EVERGREEN The children need the sheltering Mother, Father, Loving one another, Forming a canopy Like a strong tree to cover from the rain. They need the coolness it provides on draining summer days. They need shelter from the cold winds In winter’s bleakness…. The fruit that is produced In budding spring. They need the calm … Continue reading Evergreen

Grandmother’s House

GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE Stands tilting on its foundation, Tumble down, crumbling, Weakly surviving. The kitchen, once so beautiful, Is worn-- The ceiling stained brown. The smell of freshly baked bread; Sour cherries that fizzed sometimes with worms As she picked them, Are gone. The old wood stove stands, still, Tired for the years and the use. … Continue reading Grandmother’s House