Search My Heart

(Heart monitor with heart) Search my heart and know me, God.Look for all that would keep me from You…The hurts,          The fears,                   The losses         The weight of striving in a world full of sin…           The allure of living.                   The vying and winning.                             The gaining, but losing.Restore me, Savior…Save me from          Emptiness,                   Grasping,                             And sin.Search me, … Continue reading Search My Heart

We Wait

We wait for you, Lord, my soul and I wait. We wait for peace -- A sense of release; We wait for tranquility Wisdom to ease; We wait for balance -- The solid life; We wait for harmony -- Escape from strife We wait for You, Lord, My soul and I... Wait. (c) 2021 Sharon … Continue reading We Wait

All the World was Waiting

Jesus, All the world was waiting for Your birth; Waiting to be free of sin and the curse it brought to them… Crying for harmony, Longing for Your love. Earth breathed a sigh the night that You were born. (c) 2021 Sharon L Shoemaker All Rights Reserved Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


I lost a dear friend today.  This is for you....There's love and a welcome waitingAt the end of the dying day;When the heart has been crushed by the sadnessOf the body in final decay,When the life has been snuffed,And the hope has been dimmedThose who call on Christ--And will trust in Him--Will find heaven's arms … Continue reading AT THE END OF THE DYING DAY


Jeweled twig-like fingers Hair bleached into straw-like white Jaw jutting out beyond red lined lips Beauty escaped the glamour Life was gone from the face No peace Slender figure draped in silk Angular Shoulders held the clothing draped Like a shroud Nothing inside (c) 2109 Sharon L Shoemaker All rights reserved

The Work of the Cross

A sorrowing manWho gave everythingTo ransom rebellious humanity.Is the life-breadOf a dying people--Nervous, sicklyFrom sin-sweetness. He is the life-root;His food pacifies andAnchors the soulWith bolstering nutrients.He warms the stomach,Builds the bodyWith solid, simple livingEmanating from the great God of love.  (C) 2019 Sharon L Shoemaker All Rights Reserved Picture: Creative Commons, Author unknown.

The Suffering Servant

I cannot look....He is despised by men.He endures great sorrow;This God who loves us deeply;He has felt our illnesses; carried our burdens.His God has turned His back on Him.Mere men assail Him;He hangs upon a cross.He breathes His last--They pierce his side.Mourn, children of Earth! He was pierced for our transgressions--Our sins’ horrendous load.Our punishment … Continue reading The Suffering Servant

The Rocks Cried Out

They led Him through JerusalemThey spat; they called Him names.Then hung Him on a cruel crossThough He was not to blame.The King of Heaven bending low--Beneath a criminal load.Did no one on the pathway knowWho labored on that road? The rocks cried outThough the people wouldn't sing;Erasing all doubts....He is King, He is King.He's the … Continue reading The Rocks Cried Out


Praise to the Lord God AlmightyFor He blesses his children with loveHe surrounds them in mercyCrowns them with gloryIn Him they find their hope Blessed be the Lord God AlmightyHe is the strength of my soulHis mercy surrounds meHis caring astounds meIn Him my spirit grows. In moments of quiet, I see His faceWhen I … Continue reading Praise