I missThe stores we used to frequent,The freedom to run as I wished,The comfort of familiarity,The old friends I used to know. I feelUprooted...No soil for nurture...My heart is empty and hungeringFor the love of someone close. I wishWe could turn back the daysAs we'll turn back the covers in the morning.That we could walk … Continue reading Loss

Love, Love, Love

Love, love, love,Your words speak of love.You wrap Your love around usReleasing glorious light.Whenever I am worried,Whenever I am sad,Your love wraps around meYou’re an awesome loving Dad. Love, love, love;Sometimes I don’t hearBlocking Your words of blessing.I’m so wrapped in me.Whenever I am running,Whenever I feel lost,Please pull me close to You,My faithful, tender … Continue reading Love, Love, Love

Good Father

You are a good father           Wrapping us in love Even when we didn’t know You; You were there. You are a good father           Holding us in peace Even when our hearts are breaking; You are there.  You are a good father          Delight in Your children.Watching from heaven as we play; You are there.  You are a good … Continue reading Good Father


What if we have a Father who holds us to His heart?What if He guides us as we walk through the unknown?What if our Father wants to give us blessings?What if our trusting Him will bring us to our own? What if giving in will give more than we’ve lost?What if following will lead us … Continue reading WHAT IF?

Father Friend

My Father God, an eternal FriendThe One who loves me without endHow can I say what this means?To me a wondering Child. I traversed Earth, eyes searching for grace,Then You reached out; I saw Your face...Light and peace from Heaven’s realm,Love that I’ve never known. Father God, a wonderful friend,The one who cares again and … Continue reading Father Friend

I Held You Once

I held you once in my arms, book of my Father,I found respite in your words as I held you dear.But whispers called out to me; I followed foolishly.I laid you down and walked away. I held you once in my heart, Words of my Savior.Peace filled that place as the Son filtered in.But I … Continue reading I Held You Once

Mighty and Marvelous God

You have seen the plight of the fatherlessHolding them in Your armsYou have whispered comforting words to themProtecting them from harm. Nothing is too great for You,Mighty and marvelous God.Though grief, so vast and strong,Wants to whisk me away.I find peace in youOh, Marvelous, wonderful God. (c) Sharon L Shoemaker   All Rights Reserved Image by … Continue reading Mighty and Marvelous God