Child, Sometimes when I think of you in quiet moments, Or see you standing so tall with children of your own, I am amazed at what God has done. This tiny gift - your life- Has blossomed into a wondrous          flower Blooming and fragrant... Filled with the mercy of God. Can … Continue reading CHILD



In pain or pleasure, dear Lord, walk with me; When I don't measure to what I should be, And when I'm sailing through life steadily, Walk with me Jesus, please walk close to me. I won't live without You For You are my life; I want more of living with You by my side. Lead … Continue reading WALK WITH ME


   Flowers drawing nourishment from the ground,       Reach for the sun.                 Delicate hues...charmingly slim,            Fragile...fragrant...greeting all.       Father tends them lovingly...            Grieves when they fall,            Delights in their presence,              Clutches them to His heart.       We are human flowers...            Created by a good God --            Each … Continue reading REACHING TO THE SON


  Beautiful flower of earth Walked our way for just a while, Faded into nothing, Gave us hope and led us on To life beyond our knowing. Jesus, Rose of Sharon, Blooming in my heart, Taking root within my soul, Flowering once again in fertile soil. (c) 2010 Sharon L. Shoemaker All Rights Reserved.   … Continue reading BEAUTIFUL FLOWER OF EARTH


The empty child Wanders through life Without the Father's love Or direction. Spiritless, Frantically fruitless, Reaching for a touch of love Then walking away, dejected, Having been used by all. The Father's love has grounded me In meaning; Has given life direction; Has filled an aching heart Like nourishing soup On a wintry day. I … Continue reading I NO LONGER FOLLOW